The one-of-a-kind styling program that helps you show up as the star you are in life + business

Once you know how to work with your one-of-a-kind body shape, everything changes. That’s exactly why I created the BeYOUtiful Style Academy.

This self-paced 5-boutique program gives you all the resources and support you need to create a signature style that helps you show up as the bold innovator you are in both life and business.

Having a personal style is so much more than the clothes you wear. It’s an expression of who you are and what you want.

And if you’re out there changing the world, shouldn’t you dress in a way that reflects that?

I’m talkin’ about:

  • Standing in front of an audience delivering a captivating keynote you’ve spent days memorizing and feeling every inch the superstar you are because you know you look as sensational as you sound (that’s what unshakeable confidence really looks like)
  • Having a selection of outfits you can’t wait to put on because they’re a perfect fit for your body, your personality, and they inspire you to deliver for your clients and customers in a way you’ve never been able to before
  • Feeling so comfortable in your own skin – all killer curves included – that you show up in life and business as YOU, not someone you think you need to be to get noticed (which means no more feeling like a fraud)

I just wanted to say how much I freakin love Elsa! I’ve always dreamed of having a stylist, for video shoots, personal events… to have a stylist actually come help put me together, and make my fashion dreams comes true… no one else is better than Elsa.

Marie Forleo
Founder of MarieTV & B-School

I had no idea how to choose what to wear for my body type. So what I loved about this program is that it’s more about learning your individual style vs. what’s in style. Now I don’t buy crap anymore (so I save money) and I’m more discerning about what I put in my closet. I also look at myself differently. I have more confidence now. This course is really perspective changing and a must for every woman.

Adrienne Feller McGill
Intimates Fit Expert
Here are the tailored details you’ll find on the inside!
WARNING: the style academy WILL make you enjoy getting dressed again.

Boutique 1: The Foundation

Before we start on developing your signature style, we have to start with YOU first.

  • Learn how to measure for your exact body shape (which we’ll tie to a celeb you can visualize, like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, rather than ‘pear’ or ‘square’ shape) so you know exactly what silhouettes to look for when you shop.
  • We’ll walk through a fun self-exploration exercise that will help you create your ideal closet from a heartfelt place (this is the KEY to developing a unique personal brand that feels 100% YOU, especially if you plan to be in front of a camera).
  • Style isn’t just about how you look, it’s also about how you feel. So, how do you want to feel when you get dressed every day? When you’ve figured this out, any styling decisions will automatically become easier (and quicker!).
  • Fed up with your closet? We’ll change that with an overdue cleanse that sees you keep, alter, or give away your pieces. I’ll show you exactly how this is done – and never again shall you run out of hangers and still have nothing to wear.

Boutique 2: Underwear

Just because other people can’t see your underwear, doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact your outfit…

  • Are you one of the 80% wearing the wrong bra size? (Nope, not a typo!) Discover the telltale signs so you never have to feel uncomfortable again.
  • I’ll arm you with my quick, foolproof way to measure yourself accurately and give you some ideas for where to shop (hint: it’s not chain stores).
  • Discover the must-have bras for your collection and how to look after them so they keep those girls supported for longer.
  • Find out why wearing the wrong kind of panties can kill your look – and how to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Measuring isn’t just for bras! Learn how to measure yourself for panties that fit well and help give you a smooth silhouette.
  • I’ll share which fabrics make a great panty, and which to be extra careful with.

Boutique 3: How To Shop Like A Pro

You’ve mastered marketing. Now it’s time to master the mall. Shopping is one of the most frustrating activities for most people, but only because they’re doing it wrong! It can be super fun and highly productive, and I’ll share exactly how to turn your shopping experience into an enjoyment (and your closet into a diamond cave).

  • Just like in business, preparation is everything. Once you know what to do before you shop, the activity itself becomes simple and *gasp* pleasurable.
  • Know what to wear on the day so you don’t a) look like a bag lady b) get hot and flustered or c) want to collapse from discomfort. Practical makes perfect.
  • Run through my easy method for shortlisting the stores you’re going to visit in advance, because wasting time is NOT sexy.
  • Get your hands on the list of brands my private clients typically have success with – ideal if you have no idea where to start.
  • I’ll share my top tips on how to choose what to buy… and what to leave behind.
  • Find out what you should never do when you head out to the shops and the one thing you must do once you get your purchases home sweet home.

Boutique 4: How To Create Killer Outfits

If you tell yourself you don’t have style, or the way you dress is boring, this boutique will shut that voice right up! Anyone can put killer outfits together once they know how the pros do it. Luckily, I am one, and I’m spilling my secrets.

  • Get the scoop on my #1 piece of advice for putting looks you love together – and how the best outfits come from unexpected combinations.
  • Discover how you can make getting dressed every day feel like a stress-free zone (no more opening your closet feeling overwhelmed or uninspired).
  • Ever stuck for when to wear a particular outfit? My five tips will make sure you’ve considered everything ahead of time, so you’re always dressed for the occasion.
  • Colors, tones, textures, oh my! Some combos go together, and some combos don’t. See how you can elevate your look with ease using my pairing suggestions.
  • I’ll show you a series of looks and explain why they work, and how you can use the same techniques but for your own unique personal style.
  • Layering is an art, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a stylist to master it. Find out how you can layer your pieces to perfection – not only will this help you create amazing outfits, you’ll also be able to switch up your look in a flash.

Boutique 5: The Art of Accessorizing

By now, you’ve got your clothes nailed. But great personal style isn’t just about clothes. Clothes are the foundation (and you’ve got to get them feeling right!), but it’s the accessories that are the secret weapon to turning an outfit into a signature look. We’ll dive into how jewelry, belts, shoes, scarves, and handbags can do exactly that – but not all at the same time…

  • There’s one thing you HAVE to consider before considering your accessories, and I’ll be spilling what it is and the reason why. (Nope, it’s not what color your clothes are.)
  • Find out how to have fun choosing accessories – even if you like to play it safer with your clothes– along with how to easily select which accessories to focus on, and which to leave in the closet.
  • See how accessories can be used as an extension of your personality without taking the attention off YOU (a.k.a. the most important part of an outfit!).
  • I’ll be breaking down and giving my pro tips for each of the five accessory types in detail, so you can focus on the ones you feel express you best.

This program isn’t about fashion. It’s not really about style. It’s about you, your soul, and your purpose.

I started my closet cleanse today! Although I was dreading the cleanse a little, once I got started I was literally tossing out clothes. Why in the heck had I been looking at these clothes that no longer fit me for years? Talk about torture! Aside from actually having room in my closet now, the best part….it’s great knowing that I like how everything in there fits AND makes me feel. Picking clothes will be so much easier now.

Tricia Stephens-Adams
Web Technologist + Business Coach

I was struggling with why certain clothes looked & felt good on me and yet so many other pieces didn’t. It made shopping dreadful and I wasn’t able to look my personal best. I tried to read style articles for help, but there was never anything really applicable to my body type: hourglass + curvy + bubble butt + 5 feet. This program was life changing for me and something that I refer to and talk about frequently.

Photographer + Video Storyteller + Professor

This program was such an enriching experience that has helped me put another piece of my style puzzle in place. Many of the things Elsa says still repeat in my head regularly. Her way of teaching is so comforting and assuring, yet fun and carefree. This course is seriously inspiring and life changing. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Melannie Marriott Lopez
Certified Court Interpreter

I’m so sure that you’ll be happy joining the BeYOUtiful Style Academy program, that I’m offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you decide to discontinue using the BeYOUtiful Style Academy program, I’ll promptly issue you a refund. Just drop us a line at to take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Be you. Be beautiful.

BE BeYOUtiful.