The Foundation
lesson 1 / Your Killer Curves!  Because knowing your body shape really is one of the most important elements to mastering your style.

Here is a guide to let you know where your Body Shape Breakdown Begins in the video:

4:02 – Angelina Jolie Body Shape
5:28 – Cameron Diaz Body Shape
6:56 – Halle Berry Body Shape
8:09 – Jennifer Lopez Body Shape
9:43 – Naomi Campbell Body Shape

Find Out Your Unique Body Shape Here

Measure around your entire body (inches) + enter the nearest WHOLE number below.

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It looks like you may have made a mistake in entering your measurements. Please double check your numbers and remember to measure all the way around your body. *If you've received this annoying OOPS result more than once, email me at and I'll help you out.

Congratulations Beautiful!

Your Body Shape is:
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lesson 2 / Lesson 2: Your Style. Your way.  
lesson 3 / Lesson 3: Your Signature Style Mantra  
lesson 4 / Lesson 4: The Closet Cleanse